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Product Name: tert-butyl acrylate
CAS No: 1663-39-4
Product Type: Other Intermediates
Product spec: tert-butyl acrylate TBA
Post Time: 2016-08-03
Usage: tert-Butyl Acrylate (TBA) is a useful chemical raw materials and important basic intermediate. tert-Butyl Acrylate (TBA) is a monomer used in the production of poly(tert-butyl acrylate) polymers, poly(acrylic acid) polyelectrolyte brushes and 3-(3-methyl-but-3-enyloxy)-propionic acid tert-butyl ester. It is also used in paints, coatings, high polymer paper conditioner, nursing polymer products and carbonyl reforming polyolefin. Further, it serves as an important raw material in organic synthesis.
Description: Product: tert-Butyl acrylate (TBA) CAS NO.: 1663-39-4 EINECS NO.: 216-768-7 Formula: C7H12O2 Formula weight: 128.17
Recipient: Eivira Company: Shandong Minde Chemical Co., Ltd.
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